HZPC Innovator - the russet a cut above the rest
HZPC Innovator - russet potato

About Innovator

A new and unique RUSSET...

A new RUSSET emerges on the potato market, one bringing desired traits of early maturity, high yields, processing potential and enhanced disease resistance to blights and soil borne diseases.

Innovator, created from parents of American and Dutch origin, brings together the best of both worlds.

Consumer taste panels consistently rate Innovator tops in taste and texture categories.

Innovator is not just a copy of traditional RUSSET potatoes Innovator adds new dimensions to the traditional RUSSET potatoes.


This tasty RUSSET Skin variety with medium maturity is the first RUSSET skinned variety from HZPC. While already popular in Europe, it is gaining popularity in North America as a premium baking and frying potato.


Long oval, RUSSET Skin variety, having shallow eyes and a cream coloured flesh. Grades very well. Dry matter content presents optimum quality for baking and processing.


Foliage develops rapidly but with few stems. Note: foliage is sensitive to applications of the herbicide metribuzin.


High resistance to cyst nematodes, wart disease, leaf and tuber blight. Somewhat susceptible to common scab.


Innovator is an excellent variety for boiling, baking and French frying. Innovator has a remarkably good flavour. The ability to recondition from long term storage makes this an ideal variety for processors.

Visibly distinct
Adaptable to climatic and production variations
Opens new market opportunities
Requires no change in production technology


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