HZPC Innovator - the russet a cut above the rest
HZPC Innovator - russet potato


Something in common...

Do you believe taste is important? If yes is your answer, then you are in agreement with 96% of consumers HZPC has surveyed. In fact these consumers indicate taste is extremely important and has more influence on their purchase decision than price.

The canaries yes, the small birds where do these little guys link with potatoes? Please give me a moment…

HZPC is a driving force in global potato business; we develop and market new types of potatoes. Innovator, a rather new RUSSET style potato variety is developing favour with consumers through out the world. Consumers appreciate Innovator’s excellent taste as a baked potato, as mashed potatoes, as roasted potatoes and certainly as French fried potatoes.

So what traits do Canaries and Innovator potatoes have in common? They are both yellow!

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