HZPC Innovator - the russet a cut above the rest
HZPC Innovator - russet potato


Delight your dinner guests!

Baked, boiled, mashed, roasted and yes even french fried, Innovator is ready to delight and add something special for your dining. Creamy texture and yellow flesh in a traditional RUSSET jacket does offer potato consumers something special.

“Innovator produces lovely tasting potatoes and it fits my Eco-Potato production program”, says Pirman Kummer of Eco-Spuds, New Brunswick, Canada. Innovator boasts an impressive set of natural disease defenses that aid potato producers in the production of clean, healthy potato crops.

Consumer challenge: see for yourself – bake Innovator potatoes with any other RUSSET type potato and we think you will agree that Innovator offers that something special. Please let us know if you agree!

Bake it, boil it, mash it, roast it or french fry it!
• • •
Creamy texture
• • •
Yellow flesh
• • •
Natural disease defenses makes for a clean, healthy potato
• • •
Great taste


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