HZPC Innovator - the russet a cut above the rest
HZPC Innovator - russet potato

A consumer oriented potato...

Introducing Innovator, a new generation of consumer oriented potato that matches exceptional culinary qualities with environmental stewardship. Innovator matches in appearance, shape and utility all of the favourable characteristics one will find with traditional RUSSET potatoes but Innovator possesses features of natural resistances to many of the common potato problems such as Hollow Heart and Internal Brown Spots.

After cooking grey colours, common with some of the traditional potato varieties, in Innovator's case this product defect has been virtually eliminated. Innovator is a versatile RUSSET that brings along all of the traditional uses plus the added feature of a butter yellow colour.

Preparation Notes

Innovator will bake, microwave, fry and boil in the same time allocation as traditional RUSSETS but offers consumers a taste experience in terms of visible natural yellow highlights, texture sensations of light and creamy and an aroma and flavour sensation of home grown potatoes.

If Innovator is not currently available from your regular suppliers, let us know and we will put you in contact with a supplier.

Exceptional culinary qualities with environmental stewardship
Natural disease resistance
Butter yellow colour after cooking
It's versatile bake, microwave, mash, boil and fry
A taste sensation
Available all
season long
Cost competitive with something special

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