HZPC Innovator - the russet a cut above the rest
HZPC Innovator - russet potato

An outstanding RUSSET...

Pack out rates for Innovator are consistently high. Mr. R.B. of Edison, California harvested in 2006 a crop that yielded 600 cwt gross. Mr. R.B. says, we packed and sent to market as US#1 potatoes 450 cwt per acre.

Adapted to winter, spring, summer and fall production areas, Innovator can be supplied fresh from field production. Because of excellent tuber characteristics, Innovator can be held in long term storage.

Innovator has high resistance to Hollow Heart and over time has consistently shown minimal problems with other internal quality defects.

Consumers have rated Innovator better tasting than Norkota and Burbank on blind taste tests.

High pack out
Storable until next season
High disease resistance
Great taste

Flavour testing

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